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Redefining the Hydrocarbon Paradigm


RASA’s Polar Selective Agent (PSA) technology provides ambient temperature and pressure solutions to the full hydrocarbon value chain.  From clean extraction with net clean water production to refinement and oxidation, RASA delivers what the environmental movement promised but failed to solve.  CLEAN, GREEN, and RENEWABLE!

Plastics Recycling

There is 6.3 billion tons of plastic waste discarded around the world.  Our technology can more cleanly and efficiently pull the hydrocarbons away for these plastics leaving clean polymers for recycling.

Oil/Environmental Clean Up

Tank cleaning, downhole, or oil spill clean up can be handled quickly and efficiently with no high pressure or heat using our technology. It easily pulls the hydrocarbons away from any surface or aggregate.

Creosote Extraction and Renewal

Creosote soaked railroad ties or telephone poles can now be effectively recycled with our technology, recapturing the hydrocarbons and leaving purified wood for reuse.

Asphalt Reuse

Reclaimed asphalt pavement can reduce project cost and create a renewable resource.  Our technology can make those aspects even better by reducing costs and enhancing the quality of the materials.

Tar Sand Excavation

Tar sand clean up can now be done in a much more efficient way that is environmentally friendly, eliminating the toxic waste, water consumption and lowering the emissions.

Rubber Recycling

Concern is rising about the safety of the current rubber recycling. Crumb rubber used in playgrounds and sports fields contain volatile chemicals that are unhealthy. Our technology can eliminate this as an issue.

Tar Sand Demonstration

Creosote Demonstration

Plastic Demonstration

Polar Selectivity Method is a separation process technology that can be used in many different fields. We use a proprietary reagent in liquid or gas form to separate the hydrocarbon away from the media.  We can then distill the reagent off the hydrocarbon leaving hydrocarbons and pure reagent to reuse in the system.

Technology Benefits

  • low to ambient pressure needed
  • low to ambient temperature use
  • no water needed
  • increased speed and efficiency
  • better quality hydrocarbon recovered
  • totally enclosed continuous system
  • 99.5 % reagent recapture for reuse
  • no toxic waste or hydrocarbons left in the water or aggregate

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